North Texas Chapter Human Factors and
Ergonomics Society
Chapter News and Events
Chapter contact:

Paul Schwab
Texas Instruments
POBox 65311, M/S3734
Dallas TX 75365
Phone: (972) 927-3115
contact by email:
p-schwab [at] ti [dot] com
North Texas Chapter Roster for 2016:
34 National HFES full members
1 National HFES Student
67 Local chapter members
Total: 102

2015 Local Chapter Activities

The North Texas Chapter held one meeting in March
of 2015, which was a web-based presentation. Vicki
Missar, Associate Director with Aon Global Risk
Consulting, spoke about "Ageonomics," a term coined
by Aon Casualty and Safety Consultants to describe a
scientific discipline concerned with the interaction of
aging workers with their work environment.  
Ageonomics incorporates disciplines of human
factors, ergonomics, wellness, benefit program
design, health and safety to assess, understand, and
ultimately, optimize these systems for the benefit of
the individual and the organization.

2012 Local Chapter Activities

The chapter held two meetings in 2012.  On April
12th, Brett Walters with Alion Science and
Technology Corporation gave an overview of the
Micro Saint modeling tool and discussed of some
project applications.  On December 11th, Texas
Instruments hosted a meeting consisting of short
presentations by chapter members Patrick Fly
(Boeing), Bill Muto (Abbott Labs), Steve Merriman
(Boeing) and Paul Schwab (Texas Instruments)
highlighting new human factors related technical
information gathered in the past year from
conferences or other sources.

Membership Count
Number of full members: 40
Number of associates: 64
Total: 104