North Texas Chapter Human Factors and
Ergonomics Society
Chapter contact:

Paul Schwab
Texas Instruments
POBox 65311, M/S3734
Dallas TX 75365
Phone: (972) 927-3115
contact by email:
p-schwab [at] ti [dot] com
Officer Duties:

The President is the chief executive officer of the chapter and
oversees all Chapter operations, and presides over all meetings
of the Chapter and Executive Council (officers' meetings).

Vice President
The Vice President assumes all responsibilities and powers of
the President in his/her absence. In the North Texas Chapter,
the Vice President is also the program director and is
responsible for coordinating all meetings.

The secretary keeps records of all business meetings of the
Chapter and Executive Council meetings. In the NTC/HFES
Chapter, the Secretary also serves as director of publications.
The Treasurer is responsible forthe funds of the chapter and
keeps records of all financial transactions.

The director is a member of the executive council and
participates in setting chapter goals and planning chapter
activities.  Other than that, the director is welcome to organize
meetings, create outreach activities, or whatever else he
or she is interested in doing.

2013 NTC/HFES Chapter Officers:

Laura D. Strater, Chapter President
Principal Research Associate
SA Technologies, Inc.
751 Hebron Parkway, Suite 310
Lewisville, TX  75057
office - 972-636-8312 ext 201
fax -     972-459-1965

Vicki J. Missar, Chapter Vice President
Associate Director
Aon Risk Solutions | Global Risk Consulting | Casualty
Risk Consulting
2711 N. Haskell  |  Suite 800  |  Dallas, TX 75204-2999
m +1.469.867.6196  |  f+ 312.381.0748
vicki.missar@aon.com  |  aon.com
Aon is the Principal Sponsor of Manchester United

Paul A. Schwab, Secretary-Treasurer
Worldwide ESH Services
Texas Instruments
P.O. Box 655311, M/S 3734
Dallas, TX 75265
street address:
13560 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75243
Ph: (972) 927-3115, Fax: (972) 927-3020
p-schwab[at]ti[dot]com  pschwab[at]metronet[dot]com
Industrial ergonomics, jobsite analysis, product
ergonomics, industrial design, workstation, tool and
equipment deign, design guidelines, seating ergonomics,
office ergonomics, ergonomics training

Patrick J. Fly, Director Ex-officio

Adam C. Probst, Director 2

Stephen C. Merriman, Director 3
13510 North Central Expressway
Mail stop 269
Dallas, TX 75243-1108
972-344-2017 (Work)
972-344-7145 (Fax)

Chair of TechAmerica G45 Human Systems Integration
committee. SAFE, Aerospace Medical Association and
TechAmerica representative to the Department of
Defense Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory
Group. Boeing Associate Technical Fellow. AsMA
Associate Fellow

Douglas R. Keefer, Director 4
Asst. Vice President/Risk Control Consultant
McGriff, Seibels & Williams of Texas
5080 Spectrum Drive, Suite 900E
Addison, TX  75001
Cell: 214.215.8250
Direct:  469.232.2130
Main Fax:  469.232.2101
PC Fax 469.386.3172
Interests: Ergonomics/Safety program auditing, Ergonomics
Behavior Based Training, Industrial Ergonomics – Workflow
Analysis, Office Ergonomics – Data Entry Tools/Process, and
Biomechanics Analysis/Training (Patient Handling, Construction
Sites, Masonry, Emergency Professionals, etc)

Bill Barbre, Webmaster
Barbre Ergonomics Consulting and Training
Phone: (817) 927-4990
Industrial ergonomics assessments, manufacturing
ergonomics, office ergonomics, ergonomics training,
railroad industry ergonomics, vehicular ergonomics